Worlds of Possibility

Worlds of Possibility is a project I've been working on since the beginning of 2021. My patrons and subscribers' pledges help sponsor original creative Science Fiction and Fantasy works, which I release early in ebook format to subscribers and then a bit later to the general public online and in audio on the OMG Julia Podcast.

Worlds of Possibility is currently closed to submissions.

The following submission types are temporarily closed:

Flash and Poetry Submissions

Submissions for Worlds of Possibility. Speculative fiction up to 1,000 words. No minimum wordcount. Payment of $0.10USD per word for right to display online with six months of exclusivity, and eventually (within two years of online publication) publish in an anthology. Especially excited for stories and poems that leave the reader feeling happy, peaceful, or hopeful in some way. Current window open until February 20th, 2023. View the full guidelines for examples of what I have published in the past for this project.

Currently Closed to Submissions